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PROPHYLAXIS at the Highest Scientific Level” 


The German and Jewish surname of EHRLICH was a nickname or ornamental name, derived originally from the German word EHRLICH, meaning honourable and honest, or from the Yiddish word ERLEKH meaning virtuous, respected and honoured. The name is also spelt EHRLICH, ERLICH, ERLICHMAN, ERLICHSON and ERLICHGERECHT. Surnames having a derivation from nicknames form the broadest and most miscellaneous class of surnames, encompassing many different types of origin. The most typical classes refer adjectivally to the general physical aspect of the person concerned, or to his character. Many nicknames refer to a man's size or height, while others make reference to a favoured article of clothing or style of dress. Many surnames derived from the names of animals and birds. In the Middle Ages ideas were held about the characters of other living creatures, based on observation, and these associations were reflected and reinforced by large bodies of folk tales featuring animals behaving as humans. A notable member of the name was Paul EHRLICH (1854-1915) the German bacteriologist, born of Jewish parents in Strehlen (now Strzelin/50 km away I was born) Silesia. A pioneer in haematology and chemotherapy, he was the joint winner of the 1908 Nobel prize for physiology and medicine.


we have committed ourselves to offer high-quality solutions as well as resveratrol, the cardio scan program KARDiVAR in 6 languages. We attach absolute importance to scientific support and evaluation of our offers, because our customers to feel safe by our honest choice. Prophylaxis (Greek "προφυλάσσω" to guard of health beforehand) is any medical or public health procedure whose purpose is to prevent, rather than treat or cure a disease. In general terms, prophylactic measures are divided between primary prophylaxis (to prevent the development of a disease) and secondary prophylaxis (whereby the disease has already developed and the patient is protected against worsening of this process).

„PROPHYLAXIS: the Guard of health beforehand”